0. Introduction to the Position Papers


In order to clarify the approaches taken by LingDoc Transform and Clarity five position papers have been written. They are:

o      “1. Applications of Document and Language Engineering“

as an overview of the applicability of LingDoc.

o      “2. XML Up-Conversion“

as an example of a difficult problem in Document Engineering, to be solved with LingDoc.

o      “3. Lingware Management for Machine Translation and Controlled Languages“,

as an example of a difficult problem in Language Engineering, to be solved with LingDoc.

o      “4. Grammar Formalisms“

as an overview of the formalisms of Transform and Clarity, compared with other well-known grammatical formalisms.

o      “5. Parsing and Transduction Technology“

as an overview of the technology used, with relevant background material.


Recurring issues in the position papers are:

§       Natural Language Engineering

§       Document Engineering

§       Linguistic layers

§       Description of structure

§       Lingware: grammars, lexicons, thesauri

§       Ambiguity

§       Errors and inconsistencies

§       Formal automata

§       Program generation

§       Workbenches

§       Development methodology.


Each issue is (more or less) structured as follows:

-    Description of issue / motivation

-    Requirements (from our own experience and from conference papers), according to the usability criteria:

-      Productive (or effective, efficient, complex)
-      Reliable (especially with errors and inconsistencies)
-      Adjustable
-      Understandable
-      Attractive

-    Current solutions

-    Problems with current solutions

-    Position of Transform

-    Position of Clarity: Capri, Lexbench, Author.