Download LingDoc Transform User

The complete LingDoc consists of 6 downloads. All downloads fit into the main directory LingDoc. LingDoc contains subdirectories which are added when you download the respective tools RevXml, Transform and Clarity. Each tool has a User section and a Developer section which can be downloaded separately. Therefore, 6 separate downloads are provided. Each download consists of an executable which functions as an installer. Each installer will create the necessary directory structure.

The directory LingDoc may be placed anywhere in your filesystem. All links are relative. (An exception may be some links in the workbenches of the Developer sections.)

In order to use LingDoc Transform you will have to download its Gui at RegNow. This download, LingDocTransform_Install.exe, is protected by a license key. After the trial period of 30 days you will have to pay a nominal fee for permanent use. The download will install the directory LingDoc.

(You may download the source code and the technical documentation at a separate page for free.)

How to proceed:

Download_Button.jpg   LongDocTransform_Install.exe and install the directory LingDoc anywhere in your filesystem..

Read the Readme in LingDoc\Transform\Use\LingDocTransform_User_Readme.htm

Execute LingDoc\Transform\Use\Progs\exe\LingDocTransform.exe. The gui starts.

Open the User Manual in LingDoc\Transform\Use\Manuals\Transform_User_Manual.htm. It will guide you by explanations and examples.

The first example is Ex_1.