Welcome to Palstar, the home of LingDoc

LingDoc is a set of tools for document management and language engineering

It is open source

There are three subsystems: Transform, Clarity and RevXml

Typical tasks are:





Document analysis




Document transformation, e.g. up-conversion to XML




Word analysis (morphology)




Sentence analysis




Information extraction from natural language sources




Authoring for controlled languages (in MsWord)




Translation for (very) controlled languages




XML document comparison




LingDoc comes with a set of lingware, which are grammars and lexicons for the handling of several subsets of natural languages.


(Potential) Users of LingDoc are:

  • Companies which are using controlled languages
  • Service providers for the language industry
  • Dictionary providers who want to leverage the electronic uage of their lexicons
  • Developers of addins for Microsoft Office
  • Developers of software and/or lingware for the handling of structure and content of documents
  • Computational linguists studying the usability of controlled languages
  • Students in Computational Linguistics

Why is LingDoc interesting?

LingDoc provides a head start for the development of solutions, for internal departments, service providers and system integrators. Its functionality is based upon practical application on a daily basis.

LingDoc contains innovative technology, especially in Transform, based upon research in Computer Science. Its usability has been proven in academic and industrial environments.

Moreover, it is open source.


The software stems from projects in which dozens of man-years have been invested, at sites of Palstar, at the University of Amsterdam and at Cap Gemini. See the management summaries.

The software is up and running using the latest versions of software development platforms.


Terms and conditions

LingDoc is provided as open source; its manuals and documentation are free of charge. The source code of LingDoc may be reused, provided that reference is made to Palstar and LingDoc. Palstar lists on its websites all people who contributed to LingDoc. The user pays a nominal fee for the costs for the development of the manuals, the reconstruction of LingDoc Clarity and the maintenance of LingDoc and its website. There is no fee for educational purposes.


For instructions for downloading: see the links above.

More information

More information can be found in

The add-on for MsWord was developed using Add-in Express for Office and .net, all-in-one platform for developing Office extensions.



Palstar specializes in Document and Language Technology. It is the company of Gert van der Steen.
In the past, I developed and maintained tools to analyze, compare, standardize, transform and translate documents. I also provided for related consultancy, together with partners.
The tools originate from long-ranging projects at customers’ sites, at the University of Amsterdam and at Cap Gemini, where I have been a consultant, project leader and developer. The last two organizations granted Palstar in 2007 the right to publish their tools in open source.

Tens of manyears have been invested in the projects, with grants from government.